Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Jason Rihel

Jason uses zebra fish to study sleep regulation.  (This image is from his facebook page.)

Good news from across the pond.

Jason Rihel  has just published two articles in the important journal Neuron, one of which is a featured article.

Jason was an avid player at the Boylston  and was president for two terms, 2010-2011 and 2011-2012, while at Harvard.

He moved to London to become a Senior Research Fellow at University College London.

Jason adapted to pub life.

We learned the news from Jason's facebook page:
Ah, it's finally here! The issue of Neuron with both our latest papers: one on autism I did with people at Yale and one on a sleep/wake screen that David Prober and I started at Harvard a long time ago!  

Also-- we are the cover of the issue, we got a Preview, and we have a video abstract, narrated by David.  Check it out! 

On the cover: Drug discovery normally requires a brute force search through thousands of compounds. In this issue, Hoffman et al. (pages 725–733) matched the behavioral profile of zebrafish mutants of the autism risk gene, CNTNAP2 (the card showing a confocal image of the zebrafish brain) to a known set of drug-induced profiles, represented by the spread out deck of cards. Opposite profiles (the estrogen card) predicted drugs that could rescue the mutant behavioral phenotype, represented by the card showing the chemical structure of biochanin A, a phytoestrogen. Concept by Katherine Turner and Jason Rihel and design by Antonio Giraldez.

Jason Rihel  has just published two articles in the important journal Neuron.

one of which is a featured article:

A Zebrafish Genetic Screen Identifies Neuromedin U as a Regulator of Sleep/Wake States


Congratulations Jason!

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