Tuesday, August 23, 2005

And you thought I was crazy

Even though I admitted that I was succumbing to irrational paranoia in my earlier post about blog visitors from the Middle East, some (well, J'adoube to be specific) suggested that I had finally gone off the deep end. Not so fast, I say!

Consider this item which was all over the local news in Boston last night and the papers this morning:
Officials Probe Homeless Terror Threat

The federal government is investigating whether terrorists could be posing as homeless.

...the cause for concern developed in Somerville after a homeless man was seen hanging around in Davis Square and an MBTA station. Police said they became concerned when they saw him walking back and forth in front of the Social Security Building in Davis Square and looking in the windows.

"A false address was given, the address was to a restaurant in Davis Square. When asked for identification, the police were given an expired passport to a country on the FBI's list of interest," said Somerville Mayor Joseph Curtatone.
What does this have to do with chess and the BCC? The address of the Social Security Building in Davis Square is 240 Elm Street. Now take a look at the upper right hand corner of this page and look for the address of the club. That's right, we are located in the same building!

It's certainly scary enough to consider what might happen to the club if the Social Security Building were targeted for attack. But what if they have another target in mind -- a local of establishment dedicated to forbidden activities?

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