Tuesday, August 16, 2005

BCC leads U.S. Chess League's Boston Blitz

The inaugural season of the U.S. Chess League begins on August 31st with teams representing eight cities battling it out over the next three months for chess supremacy.

The local entry, The Boston Blitz, features Boylston Chess Club member GM Larry Christiansen. The BCC is also represented by club president FM Paul MacIntyre (who is also team captain) and board member NM Charles Riordan. Filling out the roster are local players IM Igor Foygel, IM Eugene Perelshteyn, IM-elect Josh Friedel, and NM Lou Mercuri.

The games will be played at the MetroWest Chess Club, where team manager Matt Phelps will be handling the necessary computer hookups. Visit the site and follow the action. Go Boston Blitz!!
Adapted from the August 15th BCC Newsletter (Paul MacIntyre)

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