Monday, August 29, 2005

Movie Star Chess

Here's another chess rivalry from the world of entertainment:
... film-maker Guy Ritchie's fierce rivalry with close friend and leading man Jason Statham can only be settled one way - with a game of chess.

Ritchie, 36, has just finished shooting [the] upcoming movie Revolver - his third film with The Transporter star - but they continue to battle it out for supremacy behind the camera.

Ritchie, who is married to Madonna, jokes, "Apart from the fact I don't like him, don't trust him and have no respect for him as a chess player, Jason and I work well together."

Statham adds, "Our relationship exists on competition, whether we're playing chess or beating each other up, we're always trying to get one up on each other.

"But the toughest moment is getting Guy to pay his debts when he loses at chess."
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