Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Where ya from?

With BCC Weblog passing its 1st birthday in November, I now have access to over a year's worth of visitor data. For those of you interested in such things, here is a list of the top 15 website referrers to this blog:
  1. Boylston Chess Club Website (21.3%) - No surprise here

  2. The Chess Mind/Dennis M's Chess Site (7.2%) - BCC Weblog is one of a small number of chess blogs which Dennis links to. Combine this with his large audience and a substantial number of visitors is the result

  3. Man de la Maza (6.1%) - Was #2 while Don was still blogging, but still generates traffic to this day

  4. CelticDeath (5.9%) - I've always wondered how many of these visits are from someone other than CelticDeath himself :)

  5. Bloglines (3.9%) - An RSS reader

  6. 2+2 Forums (3.6%) - The premier poker discussion forums on the web -- amazingly, all this traffic is attributable to my post on Bryan Clark's journey to becoming a professional poker player

  7. J'adoube (3.2%) - J'adoube and I have cross-linked posts frequently. It also helps to be at the top of someone's blogroll

  8. DreadPirateJosh (3.1%) - See my comment for CelticDeath

  9. Kenilworth Chess Club (2.5%) - The vast majority from their blog listings page, but also some from links in Michael's posts

  10. Chess News and Events (1.9%) - It doesn't hurt when Goran calls you "the best chess blog"

  11. Sancho Pawnza (1.8%) - Along with Man de la Maza, one of the first blogs that cross-linked here

  12. Susan Polgar (1.6%) - Mostly from when she republishes the Blogshares Chess Industry list

  13. US Chess League (1.5%) - Self-evident to anyone reading this blog during September and October

  14. My Yahoo (1.5%) - RSS subscriptions

  15. Nezha (1.5%) - Suspect his position will fall as he is no longer actively blogging

Others generating 1% or more of website referrals: Temposchluker, The Closet Grandmaster, Logis, Pawn Sensei, and Blue Devil.

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