Monday, June 19, 2006

Never mind FIDE, we need FEMA

For the usual reasons (family, work, etc.) I've not been able to play much at the club over the past couple of months. So, having a few free hours on Saturday I decided to stop by and check out the Legends of Chess event. Little did I realize that in the intervening weeks the club had been moved to New Orleans!

Well not really, but it sure seemed that way. Apparently we have been experiencing rather significant flooding issues in our basement location. Eastern Massachusetts has had one of the wettest springs on record this year with several bouts of flooding along local rivers. In fact, some claim to have seen various species of rats and mice lining up in pairs along Holland St. While Davis Square isn't in the flood plain, the local water table has reached a level where additional rainstorms cause water to seep up through the foundation into the basement of our building. As a result, the carpeting in the club has been soaked through several times.

On Saturday, the space seemed serviceable enough but far from ideal. Only one or two spots in the main playing room were really wet and the backroom seemed fine. On the other hand, the musty smell of wet carpeting was omnipresent. Given the heat of the day, I suppose the moisture offered some relief, though in a wet, clammy sort of way.

The activities of the club are continuing on schedule and Saturday's event had a normal turnout. Nonetheless, the situation is obviously in need of a remedy. I'm sure it will be a major topic of discussion at this week's BCF Board meeting.

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