Saturday, September 02, 2006

An active August at the Boylston

What an active August at the club, thanks in large part to the good ideas, hard work, and generosity of Paul MacIntyre.

Almost 200 chess fans played or learned at August club events. Paul booked back to back Wednesday lectures with NM Riordan and newly minted GM Perelshteyn which were interesting and good draws -- at least 7 were new faces at the club.

Paul initiated, publicized, organized, supervised daily, and funded the late-August week-long day-camp where students were taught by the master teachers NM Jacob Rasin and NM Steve Winer. 17 young players participated (several coming after camp to the evening Perelshteyn lecture). It was Paul's idea to have the camp fee (a reasonable $100) constitute a membership fee, so members got a free summer camp as a benefit. Consequently, 8 new members joined. Paul then wrote a check to the club for $1,060 to sponsor the camp.

Thanks Mr. President ... Well done.

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