Thursday, September 21, 2006

My name is John Doe

Now, I always thought that the author of Chess News & Events had an appropriately unique and obscure name given that he came from a place most us know little about (except when we decide to use their cities and bridges for target practice). Instead, it turns out that there was little chance that a Serbian chess blog could be written by someone with a different name.

Serbia has this weird thing: 47.8% of the men are named Goran .... in Belgrade phone list you can find 75,976 Urosevic, G. .... In his first year of school there were 17 Gorans in his class. Our hero arrived in School, said "Hi, Goran!" and 16 other boys answered "Hi, Goran!" .... there are 25,324 Urosevic, G. registered in Serbian Chess Federation.

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