Wednesday, September 20, 2006

BCC Champ Rd. 1 : Times-Salomon 1-0

Black loses a pawn and then sacrifices the exchange for a perpetual check that isn't quite there.

Times,L (2139) - Salomon,B (2005) [E60]
BCC Championship (1), 13.09.2006

1.d4 Nf6 2.Nf3 g6 3.g3 Bg7 4.Bg2 0-0 5.0-0 d6 6.c4 Qe8 7.Nc3 e5 8.Re1 Nc6 9.Nb5 Qe7 10.d5 Nb8 11.h3 a5 12.Be3 Na6 13.Rc1 Nd7 14.Qd2 b6 15.b3 Ndc5 16.Qc2 f5 17.a3 f4 18.gxf4 Bf5 19.Qc3 Ne4 20.Qb2 exf4 21.Bd4 Bh6 22.e3 Nac5 23.Rcd1 Ng5 24.Nxg5 Qxg5 25.exf4 Qd8 26.Qc3 Bxf4 27.Re2 a4 28.b4 Nb3 29.Bh8 Qd7 30.Nd4 Nxd4 31.Qxd4 Bh6 32.Rde1 Bg7 33.Bxg7 Qxg7 34.Qh4 Qf6 35.Qg3 Rf7 36.c5 bxc5 37.bxc5 Rb8 38.cxd6 Qxd6 39.Qc3 Rbf8 40.Rc1 Qf4 41.Rd1 Qd6 42.Rd4 Bd7 43.Rb4 h5 44.Rb7 Bc8 45.Rb4 Bd7 46.Qd2 Kh7 47.Qc1 Rf4 48.Rxf4 Rxf4 49.Rc2 Rf7 50.Rxc7 Qf6 51.Qe3 Qa1+ 52.Kh2 Qb2 53.h4 Qf6 54.Qg3 Kg7 55.d6 Qe6 56.Bh3 Rxf2+ 57.Qxf2 Qxh3+ 58.Kg1 Qg4+ 59.Kf1 Qd1+ 60.Kg2 Qg4+ 61.Qg3 Qe2+ 62.Kg1 Qd1+ 63.Kg2 Qe2+ 64.Qf2 Qg4+ 65.Kf1 Qd1+ 66.Qe1 Qf3+ 67.Kg1 Qg4+ 68.Kf2 Qxh4+ 69.Ke2 Qh2+ 70.Qf2 Qe5+ 71.Qe3 Qh2+ 72.Ke1 Qh1+ 73.Kd2 Qg2+ 74.Kc3 Qg4 75.Qd4+ Kh6 76.Qxg4 Bxg4 77.d7 Bxd7 78.Rxd7 h4 79.Kd3 Kg5 80.Ke3 Kg4 81.Kf2 Kh3 82.Rg7 Kh2 83.Rxg6 h3 84.Rh6 1-0

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