Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Blitz Bitz

It looks like a fair fight this week against Baltimore. In fact, the Kingfishers actually outrate the Blitz by an average of two points per board (2410 vs. 2408). You'll notice that both teams have exceeded the 2400 average rating limit this week -- Boston benefiting from the round down to 2590 rule and Baltimore taking advantage of the ten points for girls bonus.

Here are the matchups; the Blitz have white on boards 1 & 3:

JG continues to kick butt on the "official" USCL prognosticators. Maybe it's time for the commissioner to give him some space on the website? On the other hand, he may be losing his touch. How else do you explain his picking against Boston this week?

Update: The power of the press -- the commissioner gave JG a mention in this week's official picks article.

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