Monday, October 09, 2006

Blitz player acknowledges "local media"

In US Chess League Commissioner Greg Shahade's "10 Questions with Ilya Krasik," Boston's 4th Board mentions BCC Weblog ... well, sort of.

10. Please tell us your thoughts on the US Chess League as a whole, and how the experience has been for you both this season and last.

....Last year I personally struggled winning won positions and I faced a lot of pressure from the local media [that's us! -DG], it was even suggested that I be traded to Vancouver because it was alleged I was selfish in trying to win a game in which a draw was enough, lucky USCL didn't have a team in Vancouver and I remained in Boston uniform....

Fair is fair. Given how well Ilya has been playing this year, had Blitz manager Matt Phelps made such an arrangement, we'd undoubtedly be complaining about his Bagwell-esque blunder.
Speaking of Phelps, while I'm sure he'll explain that it was all because of availability, I am inclined to quibble just a bit with this week's line up against Tennessee. Although both of Boston's "K's" have been playing well this season, it seems that this week's team could have been strengthened by replacing Kelleher with Foygel on Board 2 or Krasik with Martirosov on Board 4. The Blitz will be favored in any case, but why give the Tempo any hope at all?

Here are this week's matchups; Boston has White on Boards 2 & 4:

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