Saturday, November 11, 2006

BCC Champ Rd. 8: Riordan-Salomon 1/2

Surely a disappointing result for Charles who seemed to have the advantage the entire game. He was forced to give perpetual check in order to counter Brian's mate threat at the end.

Riordan,C (2330) - Salomon,B (2005) [B91]
BCC Championship (8), 10.30.2006

1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 d6 3.d4 cxd4 4.Nxd4 Nf6 5.Nc3 a6 6.g3 Bg4 7.f3 Bd7 8.g4 e5 9.Nf5 Be6 10.Bg5 g6 11.Ne3 h6 12.Bxf6 Qxf6 13.h4 Nd7 14.Ncd5 Qd8 15.Qd2 Nb6 16.0-0-0 Nxd5 17.Nxd5 Be7 18.Kb1 Rc8 19.h5 g5 20.Qb4 Bxd5 21.Rxd5 Qc7 22.Bd3 0-0 23.Rc1 b5 24.Qd2 Qb6 25.c4 b4 26.c5 Rxc5 27.Rcxc5 dxc5 28.Bc4 a5 29.Rxe5 Bf6 30.Rd5 Rd8 31.e5 Be7 32.Qd3 Qc7 33.Rxd8+ Qxd8 34.Qg6+ Kh8 35.Qxh6+ Kg8 36.a3 a4 37.Qg6+ Kh8 38.Qd3 Qb8 39.axb4 Qxe5 40.b5 Bf6 41.Qe2 Qc7 42.h6 Kh7 43.Qe8 Kxh6 44.Qxf7 Qe5 45.Qh5+ ½-½

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