Thursday, November 02, 2006

Championship Standings after Round 8

2006 BCC Championship

It doesn't get any better than this!

Current Champion Charles Riordan is tied up with former Champion Chris Chase with just one round to go. Both face formidable competition in the final round (the Ruebens-Landey qualifier "fluff" having been previously dispatched, or not). Not only that, former Champion Alex Cherniack also has a path to a share of the title if he overcomes Chase and former Champion Paul MacIntyre proves to be Riordan's spoiler.

While we don't usually get a big crowd of spectators at the Championship, you might want to consider coming out on Monday for what could be one of the most exciting nights of chess in New England this year (at least until the Blitz face one of those West Coast "S" teams for the USCL Championship).

6.0 - NM Riordan, FM Chase
5.0 - NM Cherniack
4.5 - FM MacIntyre, NM Martirosov, Times
4.0 - NM Krasik
3.5 - Williams
1.0 - Salomon, Rihel

Key Final Round Matchups: MacIntyre-Riordan, Cherniack-Chase

Battle for the first pick in the draft: Salomon-Rihel

2006 Hauptturnier

All scores are out of seven games unless otherwise indicated.

5.5 - Glickman
5.0 - Lee
4.5 - Clayton, Driscoll
4.0 - Iglesias
3.0 - Frazier
2.5 - Gorczyca
2.0/6 - Oresick
0.0 - Hager

Key Final Round Matchups: Glickman-Driscoll, Lee-Gorczyca, Clayton-Hager

Check out the News section of the Boylston Chess Club website for the complete crosstables for both events.

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