Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Broken Chess

Broken Chess

Chess has its rules and they seem not only reasonable but immutably-unchangeable and consistent throughout the whole game.

But OTB Chess is the product of humans and situations occur during a game produced by humans that eschew the rules.

Several years ago at the BU Open mother nature called and I had to use the bathroom, and rushing back to our game, after moving several moves, I noticed that my opponent had both his bishops on the same color squares?!

I put in a claim, but not soon enough according to the director. I have always had a strange feeling about whether this Bishop move was an error, intentional trick, or an accident due to the bevy of spectators hovering and moving around our board wearing heavy winter coats.

The freaky thing was that the duel bishops helped my opponent. Such a situation shows that the rules of chess can be bent in the game: an unclaimed violation causes the game to leap into something that's not chess but still is a chess game: an Existential paradox ?!

An interesting web site called "CHESS RECORDS" by Tim Krabbé (Author of "the Vanishing") is a very interesting site and will cause most chess junkies to lose hours when they visit this site. One game has the score of the greatest number of castlings: 3.

I wonder if the guy with white who castled kingside then queenside IN THE SAME GAME was the same guy I faced at the BU Open ?. Impossible to castle three times?: Look at the game and you will see how it could happen.

And as we all know the greatest corrupter of quality in life as in chess is the lack of time. As mentioned before, the chess space time continuum melts when time goes away, and very strange things do happen. If a rook falls off the board during a time scramble, and the competitors don't hear it, does it make a noise?

What are some of your experiences in broken chess barriers? Please Comment.

Thank You. Mike Griffin 12/23/2008

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