Thursday, December 04, 2008

Chess and Holiday Gifting

Chess and Holiday Gifting

Well the holidays are headed our way once again and I'm recommending that you take time out from your chess study and figure a strategy to drop subtle hints as to what might be a decent cool chess related gift.

Otherwise you might get one of these (below) from, albeit well intentioned family members that don't quite get it. What's even scarier are the marketing rocket scientists that think this stuff is really hot.

For example, my crazy brother in law would jump at getting me one of these, in horribly poor taste, t-shirts. Warning; you might get punched if you show up at a tournament wearing one of these?!

.Or perhaps my wife wins the lottery and buys me a Neiman-Marcus crystal chess set only $15,000. Great for blitz. Something my estate can donate to the BCF so they hope gets stolen, allowing money gained via the insurance claim to be used in purchasing chess books.

I could see a battle using this shot glass chess set, having to empty each piece upon capture, giving new meaning to the Scotch Gambit. Literally falling down in the end game. I wonder if black would be filled with Black Russians?

Anyone who gifts with this golf motif chess set has such bad taste I bet has a purple cat clock in their kitchen along with 1000'ds of ticky tacky nick knacks spread through out their home.

These are considered COOL chess gifts?!

If GM is in trouble in this recession, what kind of shape are these guys in: chess motif night lights?!

Actually I have received a couple of cool sets as Christmas gifts, and also have received Grinch tee shirts twice: not a very subtle message from my kids and their feelings about dealing with The Crazy Old Man.

And please note it looks like our ever busy Bob Oresick is moonlighting (glad to see our defense money going to peaceful ends):Norad Santa?! Where is Santa/Bob now located since the North Pole ice cap has melted?

Well here's your chance to perhaps drop a hint as to what your dream/nightmare holiday gift would/wouldn't be.

Please Comment; Happy Holidays or Bah Humbug,

Mike Griffin 12/04/2008

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