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This week in Boston Chess

This Week in Boston chess

Saturday 12/06/2008

Quads: The Quad format is one of the most popular at the BCF and helps support the club as well: club members pay $17 and non-members pay $27 winner of each quad gets $50.

BCF Quad Winners:

Quad 1 CHRIS CHASE 3 wins

Quad 2 HOWARD GOLDOWSKY and MICHELLE CHEN tie 2 points wins

Quad 3 MARK FINS and BERNARDO IGLESIAS tie 2.5 points

Quad 4 ILYA ROZONOYER 3 wins

Quad5 ALEX FAUMAN 3 wins

After the tournament new activity ensued as people found various ways to get across Somerville to Cambridge in order to see the end of the Boston Blitz vs Dallas Destiny finals at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics.

HOWARD GOLDOWSKY was gracious enough to offer me a ride to the finals but when we walked to where his car was (not) parked, because it had been towed, from the Porter Station market area; Howard had to say good bye to retrieve his car. It ended up costing him $89 as a previous comment at this blog indicates. Meanwhile I decided to walk even though dark, cold, and windy, and was given incorrect directions to the Harvard Physics Center but eventually found my destination getting to the Astrophysics Center.

There I found the first phase/round still in progress, except for Christiansen's quick win. I have to say being there live is very interesting and I recommend that you visit a match sometime. The photo's (url below) say it all.

Unfortunately the Blitz came up short in the tie breaker against Dallas are still in Boston chess fan's hearts. Many thanks have to be given to the Boston Blitz this season of heroic efforts. Larry Christiansen, Eugene Perelshteyn, Jorge Sammour-Hasbun, David Vigorito, Denys Shmelov, Charles Riordan, Marc Esserman, Iilya Krasik, manager Matt Phelps, blogger Chris Bird, photographer Tony Cortizas,and Harvard University have contributed greatly to local chess. Commitment and personal sacrifice occur when one participates in team chess; and you could clearly see the effort and concentration these teammates produced. Their camaraderie to each other along with the support from chess junkies gives a return.

There was a time when team chess was very popular with many local communities, many being members of the Greater Boston Metropolitan League. Massachusetts also had a state team with John Curdo, Weaver Adams, Harry Lyman, Irving Yafee as past members. Schools and universities had chess teams as well. Personally in the 1970's and 80's I played second board for Westfield State College; played in the Met League for both BCC B Team and Quincy Chess Club. But this type of chess recreation has become rare. I'm glad internet team chess has revitalized team chess. It looks like a medium that is becoming attractive. Perhaps someday scalability will allow BCF could play Metrowest electronically!? Even if everyone is at home.

Tuesday 12/09/2008 BCF Directors meeting.

The five years of leadership by Paul MacIntyre came to an end as David Vigorito lead his first BCF meeting. Board members

Robert Oresick, Bernardo Iglesias, Chris Chase, Alex Cherniack, Jason Rihel, Charles Riordion, Marc Esserman, Cary Theil, Kent Leung, Natasha Us, William Kelleher, Mike Griffin, with members Bill McClellan, Ted Gorcyzca discussed a wide scope of ideas and issues. Many new ideas were developed and committees formed and charged to investigate proposals. New emphasis to be on leveraging the Internet, blog, and improve communication services, perhaps reaching out for expertise. Very positive overall, David and the above mentioned crew have challenges especially given the dark economic times. But nothing but good Karma came for the meeting. You can read Jason Rihel's minutes for details (when published).

Do you have any suggestions for the BCF and David?

How about in what we could do with the web page or blog? Please Comment. Mike Griffin 12/10/2008


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