Monday, April 06, 2009

Chess and Hot Dogs

Chess and Hot Dogs

New Years Day at the BCF is marked with the Herb Healy Open House Tournament. It is a who's who of Boston Chess where many chess players show up to play in a tradition after their Eve's revelry. Often GM Larry Christiansen is the strongest player with a field filled with IM's, masters, players of all strengths, all the chess junkies show up. There is a rated and unrated section so people who partied a little too much don't have to risk their rating points.

For years Irving Yaffe catered the affair with a mixture of food of which a huge roast beef was the keystone and hotdogs were popular. In days of the Blue Laws and before MacDonald's and Burger Kings most businesses were closed New Years day so food was difficult to get, thus the self catering requirement.

Currently Bernado Iglesias and myself act as quartermasters and buy the food several days before the event and order fresh baked rolls due on New Year's eve. Strategic component is the Kayem Natural Casing hot dog. I worked at Fenway Park from 1968 to 1975 and once steamed 4000 hot dogs in 1968 in a day-night double header against Detroit, a personal best. At that time I got too familiar with hot dogs and after several years of cooking dogs I stopped eating hot dogs for about 20 years. Only to have the urge one day at Sullivan's at Castle Island in South Boston and began my love affair with the Kayem.

Chris Williams is above far the Hot Dog King at the Herb Healy; he has been challenged for many years but he always leads in hot dogs consumed by the end of the day.

Now Kayem has pulled off a coup and obtained the official hot dog of Fenway Park. This is a new special hot dog that I will check out as soon as I can. They debut opening day on April 6 (if there is no rain) and I ask that you chess junkies please check out the new hot dog out and then provide the BCF feedback. Chris and folks how do you like the new hot dog?

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