Friday, April 10, 2009

Nutrition and Chess

The Boylston Chess Foundation's educational division, nutrition branch, seems to have advanced beyond FM Mike Klein's recent Chess Life article.

[The Grandmaster Diet By FM Mike Klein Look at any tournament hall: It is filled with discarded candy wrappers, sugared sodas, and bags of salted snacks. If you are a culprit, are you missing out on a simple way of improving your tournament results?]

Brilliantly simple, the Boylston Chess Diet [aka the Griffin-Ho Diet] addresses the need for a balance of protein, carbs, and hydration.

Kayem hot dogs, with ketchup and/or mustard:

And gummy bears:

Not too much...
Not too fast, like Kobyashi

However, this may not be the final formulation. I move that the board debate the issue in a sloth of emails until Heraclitus says stop. We will then vote, using Minnesota rules.

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