Monday, October 05, 2009

Jason Rihel doppleganger circa 1983

There is a wonderful new picture book about the history of Harvard Square. Several photos from the book are hanging in Club Passim, the Harvard Coop, and other stores around the Square.

Walking through the Square, I was gobsmacked to see a photo of chessplayer and Harvard Square mainstay Murray Trunbull, playing in 1983 against.......


Since I moved here in 1998, that just isn't possible. I was also 7 years old in 1983. My wife suggests that perhaps I am about to time travel, but I must wonder how sad I must be if, after doing something as cool as time travel, I can only think of playing chess in Harvard Square.

Judge for yourself:
Jason 2009

Doppleganger, 1983

Does anyone know who that is?

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