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Greater Boston Open through the decades

The following “research of winners of the GBO through the decades” is a follow up of a publication made by Robert Oresick and credited to MACA Publications Coordinator George Mirijanian at the Boylston Chess Club Weblog on 10/26/09.


I went Thursday night to the BCF and in one hour I gathered a lot of information from our Chess Horizons collection, but sadly I found we are missing two issues from 1983 Volume 15, issues #5 & 6 where the winner(s) of GBO from that year are named.


I would like to call all the readers of this weblog if anyone has and could spare such issues to the BCF to get in touch with me in order to obtain them if it is possible.


I want to apologize if I have misrepresented the proper chess titles or have omitted them for these distinguished past winners; I did not pay attention to these details.


Possible reviewing to newspapers in the Boston Area from 1969 to 1949 will yield more names to this list.



2009 SM Denys Shmelov

2008 FM William Kelleher

2007 WIM Ester Epstein

2006 Avraam Pismenny, FM John Curdo

2005 Avraam Pismenny, Leonid Tkach

2004 Avraam Pismenny

2003 IM Igor Foygel, FM John Curdo, Jack Stolerman, Patrick Sciacca

2002 FM Charles Riordan

2001 Henry “Hal” Terrie

2000 IM Igor Foygel

1999 GM Alexander Ivanov, IM William Paschall, NM Mark LaRocca

1998 GM Sergey Kudrin

1997 FM John Curdo

1996 GM Alexander Ivanov, IM Jonathan Yedidia

1995 GM Alexander Ivanov

1994 GM Alexander Ivanov

1993 NM Charles Hertan, NM Chris Chase, FM John Curdo, Nassr Abbasi

1992 FM Igor Foygel

1991 IM Jorge Zamora Jr.

1990 GM Alexander Ivanov, Bijan Haririan

1989 IM Vivek Rao

1988 GM Alexander Ivanov, NM Mark Ginsburg, NM Charles Hertan, Brian McCarthy

1987 NM Ilya Gurevich, FM John Curdo, Gary Nute

1986 Michael Wilder, NM Sandeep Joshi, NM Mark Ginsburg, NM Aki Kanamori

1985 NM Charles Hertan, NM Ilya Gurevich

1984 GM Arthur Bisguier


1983 “BCF lacks Volume 15 issues #5 & 6 - Chess Horizons”


1982 IM Igor Ivanov, GM Roman Dzindzihashvili

1981 FM James Rizzitano

1980 FM John Curdo

1979 GM Lev Alburt, GM Arthur Bisguier

1978 FM John Curdo

1977 FM John Curdo

1976 NM Daniel Harrington

1975 Frank Thornally

1974 NM Allan Savage

1973 NM John Peters, NM Daniel Harrington

1972 NM John Peters, NM William Robertie, IM Norman Weinstein

1971 FM John Curdo, IM Norman Weinstein, Imre Barlay

1970 NM Daniel Harrington

1969 ……………………….

1968 Daniel Harrington


1967 -1949…………………


1948 Gehard Katz, Charles Reams

1947 Harlow Daly

1946 Gehard Katz

1945 Milton Kagan

1944 Weaver Adams

1943 Milton Kagan

1941 Gehard Katz

1940 Oscar Shapiro

1939 Weaver Adams

1938 Weaver Adams

1937 Harlow Daly, Harry Lyman

1936 Sidney Coggan

1935 Weaver Adams

1934 Harlow Daly, the first winner of the GBO

Bernardo Iglesias

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