Sunday, October 11, 2009

47 players enjoy the October BCF $10 Open

In what is probably a record turnout for a $10 Open, 47 players competed on Oct. 10th, among them, 28 in a very strong open section.
GM Alexander Ivanov and IM David Vigorito shared first place with scores of 3.5 of 4. NM Charles Riordan, Christopher Chase, Lawyer Times, had 3.0, along with young Zongyaun "Ben" Yuan - now rated 2127 after 32 rated games in the United States.

Other masters in the open section were: FM Teddy Coleman, WFM Roza Eynullayeva, NM Carey Theil, and NM Chris Williams.

Dustin Richwine won sole 1st in the under 1800 section with 4.0. Eric Lawless, Greg Siciliano, and Timothy Pan shared second with 3.0.

Complete crosstable are available at the USCF site.

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