Monday, September 06, 2010

Nor'easters -- New Jersey KOs preview

This is Sam Shankland. He is a chessplayer for team Wind and Rain.
Sam used to live far, far away. Do not worry about him. He is not lost. He is visiting.

On Wednesday, Sam will play Joel Benjamin in a game of chess. Joel is a grandmaster. That means he is very good. A long time ago, Joel was even United States Champion. That means he is REALLY good. How will Sam do against GM Joel? You will have to wait and see.

This is Jan Van de Mortel. You might know a Jan, but she is a girl. This Jan is a boy. Sometimes people from other places have different kinds of names.

Jan plays for Team Wind and Rain now. Jan used to play for a team in Chicago. Do not worry about Jan. He is not lost, either!

Jan will play a game of chess with Dean Ippolito. Dean works hard on his chess. Dean also works hard on making his muscles strong. When you grow up, will you have strong muscles?
This is Chris Chase. You may think that Chris likes to run and run and run. Chase is just a last name. What is your last name? What would you chase if you ran? A squirrel? A dog? What about a King?

Chris will play a game of chess with Victor Shen. How can they play chess if they live so far away? They will use a computer. With a computer, you can play chess with anyone, anywhere.

This is Alex Cherniack. He has played chess many times. This will be the first time he plays for the Team of Wind and Rain. Alex is excited about his game. Do you get excited when you do something new?
Alex will play a game of chess with Arthur Shen. Arthur is a little boy. Anyone can play chess! Young people can play chess. Old people can play chess. Girls can play chess. Boys can play chess. YOU can play chess, too!

Each team has four players. The team that wins the most games wins the match! We will wait to see who wins the chess match.

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