Thursday, September 02, 2010

Recap of the Boston Blitz-Inventors

The Inventors were 99% perspiration, but lacked that 1% inspiration last night against the Boston Blitz. Here is a recap of the events as I remember them.

Board 1 Larry Christiansen had White

(All the great photos courtesy of Tony Cortizas, Jr.)

Larry played an unusual looking queen sortie in the early middlegame, but eventually liquidated into a +1 pawn rook and pawn endgame. Eventually, his GM opponent liquidated into a drawn endgame. 1/2-1/2

Meanwhile, Ilya Krasik, free to roam the halls, actually threatened, in front of several people, to punch me in the face. Over a few jokes on the blog. I cannot be more serious right now.

Board 2 Eugene had Black.

This game looked topsy-turvy, and then Eugene liquidated into an a+c pawn and rook vs. rook endgames. I know this can be drawn in some circumstances, but the technique is a monster. I'm not sure if the actual position allowed for such draws, but Eugene converted this into a win. 1.5-0.5 for the Blitz.

In related news, Krasik rasied his voice and said some curse words and suggested physical violence to my person. Directly in front of other people. Loudly. Frankly, it made some of these people less comfortable than it made me. And I am, rather famously, a wuss.

Board 3 Shmelov had White.

I didn't follow this game too closely, but it appeared that Shmelov tried that f3 Nimzo that got him in trouble last week. Bartell of the Inventors converted what appeared to be a strong front to back win, his second strong performance in a row. Inventors 1.5- Blitz 1.5

I could be wrong, because I was distracted by my musing. I have to wonder if the Boston Blitz, as an entity, condone such behavior from one of their players. I'm sure kids and parents would love to come and support the team, grab a snack, meet some grandmasters, and witness verbal and physical abuse from a national master.

Board 4 Grant Xu had Black

Grant impresses on his chess league debut. In a closed, opposite colored bishop and rook position, Grant slowly but inexorably found in-roads to convert his extra pawn. Nicely done. Blitz win, 2.5-1.5

Less nicely done was Krasik's greeting. I don't think someone has threatened to punch me in the face with any serious intent since the 7th grade. It was a real joy to be back in middle school for a night. And all these years, fans have wondered why the Blitz don't showcase more talented middle schoolers on Board 4-- little did they know, they always have !

Well, here it is. I'm sorry that "Krasik loses" became an internet meme that spread like wildfire, that I used it as a shorthand to an inside joke for USCL fans. In my defence, I supported Ilya many times, as well. Back in 2008, when he tore through the league, single-handedly dragging the Blitz's butts into the playoffs, I was first on board to call him the League's Board 4 MVP. I put credit where credit is due.

But I am not sorry for trying to bring a little light-hearted fun into the coverage of the Boston Blitz, the New England Nor'easters, and the USCL. Contrast my gentle teasing with the caustic remarks Krasik has left on message board after message board. His flaming wars in comment sections are legendary around the league. And now, he spews actual physical violence at me.

Why now? Did Matt Phelps yell,

"Release the Kraskin?"

The Kraskin emerges:

Overall, great job by the players tonight to grind out a much needed 2.5-1.5 victory.

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