Thursday, May 26, 2011

Chess Fever and The Great Chess Movie

The Boylston Chess Club library has recently acquired a DVD transfer of Chess Fever, a 1920s silent film starring Capablanca, and The Great Chess Movie, a documentary that interviews Fischer, Korchnoi, Karpov, etc.

While the Great Chess Movie is fine and interesting, the real gem is Chess Fever. This silent film is hilarious, and a "chess widow's" chance encounter with the World Champion Capablanca ends the film with a funny surprise.

Read more about chess fever here:

and more about the Great Chess Movie here:


Ken Ho said...

I saw that movie a while back. Capa was as smooth *off* the chessboard as he was on the chessboard. Check it out!

Ken Ho said...

Ah, and I look forward to borrowing The Great Chess Movie some time. I think I saw a funny clip from it once, in which Ljuboevic explains (complains) about his performance against recent birthday boy Karpov before and after he became World Champion.