Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Grand Prix #5 THIS WEEKEND, May 14

Attention-- Because of the Mass Open State Championships at the end of this month, we have placed our 5th Grand Prix event on this upcoming Saturday. The entry fee is a low, low, low $10 for non-members; $7 for members.

Check out where you are in the standings: (click on chart image below to expand).

As you can see, it is still very close in all of the sections.

Remember, unforced half point byes don't count to your totals, and U1800 sections only count to the U1800 and lower prizes.

If the Grand Prix ended today, here would be the winners in each section:

U2400 -- Eric Godin , 4.5 points
U2200 -- Tian Rossi, 5.5 points
U2000 -- Jason Rihel, 5.5 points
U1800 -- Robert Holmgren, 11 points
U1600 -- Mark Neale, 6.5 points
U1400 -- Vladlen Khachaturyan, 3 points
U1200 -- Thomas Demartino, 8.5 points

Luckily, the Grand Prix doesn't end today -- it ends in December -- so everyone has plenty of time to catch the leaders in all of the sections.

One note about ranking-- all the prizes are equal in value, so the leaders are arranged to maximize winners with the highest possible scores.

For example, Tian Rossi and I are technically in 1st place for the U2400 prize, but we also can receive the U2200 or the U2000 prize. Since Eric Godin, at 4.5 points, is the 3rd highest score, he gets the U2400 prize while we get the lower prizes. If, however, an U2000 player had more points than Eric, say, 5 points, they would be awarded the U2000 prize, and Tian and I would get U2400 and U2000 slots.

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