Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Without playing a single game, Hikaru #6.....

Hikaru Nakamura has leapt into the #6 spot in the FIDE live rankings. Kamsky's defeat of Topalov pushed Hikaru into the #7 spot. Now, Ivanchuk's stumble at the Capa Memorial in Cuba has allowed Hikaru to slip into the #6 spot.

This week will be a major determinant of Hikaru's place in the top 10, as he plays an important match with Ponomariov in Saint Louis. Even a small plus score should propel Hikaru into the #5 spot. If he can gain 8 rating points, he would roll ahead of Krammnik (!) for the #4 spot in the world. A absolultely horrible result could drop him back to #9-10.

Stay tuned. The Saint Louis Chess Club is covering this important match, certainly the strongest top 10 GM matchup on US soil with a serious time control in a very long time. Should be exciting, as both these players are known for uncompromising chess (unlike the dullsville Grischuk-Krammnik Candidates Match this week.)

Please support the innovative Saint Louis Chess Club! Check out the action here (the live game link is on the right):


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