Monday, January 14, 2013


Winners of each section plus some notable local BCC players in the money and almost . . .
Premier Section: GM Li Chao 4.5 points, 1st.
GM Alexander Ivanov and NM Denys Shmelov, 3.5 points, 2-3rd. FM Bill Kelleher, 2.5 points, 5-6th.
Major Section: NM Steve Barnett, 4.5 points, 1st. NM Qibiao Wang 4, FM Nathan Resika, 4,
NM Ilya Krasik 4, 2-4th place. NM Eric Godin, 3.5 points for 5th place.
Amateur Section: Robert J. King, Stephen Brudno and Harold Scott, 4 points, 1-3rd.
Nathan Smolensky, 3.5 points, sharing 4-7th place.
Booster section: Adia Onyango, Zachary Bence, 4.5 points, 1st-2nd, Nithin Kavi and Aidan Sowa, 3.5 pts each, sharing 5-8th place & Syed Al-Mamun & Nicholas Lesieur, 3 pts, sharing 9-13th place.
Reserve Section: Barry L:ai, 4.5 points, 1st.
Imran Hendley and Eddie Wei, 3.5 points sharing 2-7th place. Alexander Cheung and
Robert S. Title, each with 3 points, sharing 8-9th place.
Under 1500: Tyson Willis, 4.5 points, 1st place. Eduardo Valadares, 3.5 points, sharing 4-6th place.
Adult Under 1300 Section: Jim Limperis, 4.5 points, 1st place.
Junior Under 1300 Section: Collins Apiri, 4.5 points, 1st place.
Boylston Chess Club regulars score at Boston Chess Congress:
GM Alexander Ivanov, 3.5 points, 2-3rd, Premier Section, Boston Chess Congress 2013
NM Denys Shmelov, BCC Blitz Champion, 2-3rd, Premier Section, Boston Chess Congress, 2013
Eddie Wei, 2-7th Place, Reserve Section, Boston Chess Congress, 2013
Imran Hendley, 2-7th Place, Reserve Section, Boston Chess Congress, 2013
Best Hat: Eduardo Valadares, U1500 Section, 3.5 points, 4-6th Place.
Best Photo: FM Bill Kelleher, BCC member and FIDE VP (left, center) 
plays WIM Katrine Tjoelsen, Round 4
NM Denys Shmelov (center, background) Photo: E Valadares.

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