Tuesday, January 15, 2013


R2: On the "Master Board" NM Eric Godin (blue hat) moving vs. Loring Lauretti; Alexander Sorets (center) waits for Luke Lung. Van Chung squares off with Billy Collins (green hat); Nutzman vs Mooney; Alon Trogan (hands on head), black vs Matthew Manzo . . .  
Ever dapper, Harold Dondis, Esq. plays white vs Armen Martirosyan, R2.
NM Eric Godin (left) finished 1-2nd with 3.5 points.
Philip Nutzman scored 3.5 points and went 1-2nd with NM Godin.
NM Harry Lyman memorial portrait (center) smiling down on the field: 
at the Boylston Chess Club, R2, 4SS.
Luke Lung (left) had 3 points finishing 3-4th. expert Philip Nutzmn (hands holding head),
two boards down, tied for 1st place with NM Godin with 3.5 points.
 Darrith Phan vs. Hasayn Rafiq Karimi, R2
Mark O'Brien black, vs David Dagg, Round 2.
Recap: Godin, Nutzman 3.5 points for 1-2nd.
Luke Lung, Alon Trogan, 3 points for 3-4th.
There were 17 participants in this event.
See you soon for Thursday Night Swiss and and Saturday 4SS Legends of Chess.
Check Boylston Chess Club Home Page "Calendar of BCC Events" for details. 

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