Wednesday, January 09, 2013


The rank and file public which walks through South Station is now taking notice of a square of tables set in blue cloth. Many are staring, some asking questions, and others actually sitting down in front of the chess sets everywhere to be found. 
It can be scary playing against a US Chess Champion  
and grandmaster, yet there are those who are actually brave enough to give it a try.
GM Larry Christiansen on the move Tuesday, January 8, 2013.
LarryC plays his move vs his wife, Natasha, who was brave enough to play!
Did she know any of Larry's secret strategies?
GM LarryC waits as this young lad decides on his move.
GM LarryC moves his queen: the crowd is enthrawled!

The players study the board: phoning in the moves?
GM Larry Christiansen shifts into high gear at start of South Station Simul.
Catching the train home . . . 
See you next month, 2nd Tuesday!
February 12th: President Lincoln's Birthday!

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