Tuesday, March 05, 2013


Women and Men, Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls
Boylston Chess Club Premier Weeknight Event for the Thoughtful Players
The Thursday Night Swiss: 4SS 40/90 (+5"delay) // SD/20
Yes, this is a 4 round Swiss, starting this Thursday, March 7, and going on for 3 more Thursdays.
This is a tournament where each game has a time control of 40 moves in 90 minutes and then the rest of the game in 20 minutes. This time control allows you to have the time to set up your game and plan deep, complex combinations, transposing into won endgames (if your opponent cooperates).
This is a tournament for the player who does not want to rush moves. The winning strategy is clearly performance of sound and creative chess strategy and solid endgame technique.
So come to the Boylston Chess Club for an evening of quiet, serious chess.
Rounds begin at 7:00 PM [Check BCC Home Page "Calendar of BCC Events" for details.]