Sunday, March 10, 2013


Round 4, BCC Winter Championship, March 9, 2013
Oliver Traldi, BCC Winter Co-Champion, Premier Section with 3.5 points.
Nithin Kavi: focused! Co-Champion, Premier Section with 3.5 points.
Joel Wald: BCC Winter Champion, U1800 section, 3.5 points.
 NM Eric Godin, black vs Arthur Tang, R3: draw. Godin finished, 3-4th, in Premier Section.
Expert Michelle Chen, finished 3-4th, in Premier Section.
Uri Feld, +10 rating points, Premier Section.
Matthew Manzo, clear 2nd, U1800, 3 points, +28 rating points.
Lucy Cai (+17 rating points) black, v Eddie Wei, Round 2, U1800 Section.
OK, let's see, what did I do wrong? Brandon Wu, Eddie Wei, Lucy Cai discuss chess.
 Foye v Kavi, Godin v Xu, Feld v Driscoll; Shankar, Manzo, Wald (left, background) . . . Round 2
Mark O'Brien v David Martin, Brandon Wu v Matthew Manzo, 
Sandeep Shankar v Joel Wald, Round 2.
To take or not to take that is the question: Farzad Abdi (left) took.
Oliver Traldi demonstrates his win, as the "poison" bishop is taken; 
not taken, position is +/= according to Rybka 4.
Brandon Wu, 2.5 points U1800 Section, +69 rating points!
 Conway Xu, 2 points, Premier Section, +17 rating points.
Kavi - Traldi, Round 4. The pressure is on. The players are tired.
Who will blink first, who will falter. Chess is a sport. 
In this case, both players were up to the task: neither player cracked under the pressure, 
neither erred. The game was drawn. The players share the title: BCC Winter Champion 2013.

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