Saturday, March 02, 2013

Upsets Galore During February TNS!

Dan Schmidt: The
The February Thursday Night Swiss concluded this last week and there were two upsets of note.

First, ending a string of more than 60 straight wins, International Master Marc Esserman lost his 4th round game against Daniel Schmidt, rated 1904. This caused a four way tie for first place with Evan Rabin, Terrence Fricker, Tony DiNosse, and Daniel Schmidt being crowned as Boylston Chess Club's February Thursday Night Swiss Winners!

Tony DiNosse
1st Under 1800
But that wasn't all! The Under 1800 Section had an unusual result as well. Losing the first round against Daniel Schmidt (who, as noted above, was apparently having a pretty good tournament), and gaining a BYE in the second round, 1168-rated Tony DiNosse went on to win the 3rd and 4th rounds against 1804-rated Brian Costello and 1761-rated Thom Medrek to gain the 1st Under 1800 prize for February's Thursday Night Swiss as well as a tie for 1st place. Seth Lieberman won 2nd Under 1800 with two points, winning against 1991-rated Ted Cross and our newest player Tom Stockbridge.

The February Thursday Night Swiss was directed by Doc Kinne, who has been absent of late, but is glad he's somewhat back!

Congratulations to all our winners and players for making February's Thursday Night Swiss one for the record books.


Ken said...

Special congrats to the upset winners!

Geez, Dan, Dave Vigorito's waiting for ya...


Paul MacIntyre said...

According to the USCF Table, this tournament was a 4-way tie for first with
all scoring 3 points. Anthony Di Nosse should not be left out of first place just because he was eligible for an underprize, or at least that's what logic, justice, and my experience tell me.

Doc_Kinne said...

Thanks, Paul. I changed the article!

Paul MacIntyre said...

Thanks for staying on top of things, Doc! Boylston is lucky to have you!