Saturday, April 26, 2014

New England Chess Photo Archive Albums 2000 - 2014

I put up on the web about 1,300+ photos of mine covering New England Chess players and events over the 2000 - 2014 period.

The focus is on ...

1) Non-scholastic chess events in New England. I also included the 2003 World Open.

2) Local players - with some exceptions. I tried to include as many different players as possible.

The link below takes you to my Picasa Album site with the 4 separate albums of these photos:

Any help with some missing player names is welcome.



dfan said...

Thanks, Tony! These are great.

Ken said...

Couple of name misspellings I noticed in the 2000-2001 album:

- (Gail) Linger should be Lingner
- (Hikaru) Nakamora should be Nakamura
- (Lillian) Alyward should be Aylward

If I can later identify unnamed folks I will certainly speak up.

Tony Cortizas, Jr. said...

Thanks for the corrections, Ken.

Rihel said...

A note of thanks from England. These are wonderful!

Jason Rihel

Tony Cortizas, Jr. said...

Thanks, Jason. I was surprised to discover that I had some photos of you from the early years. Had forgotten the MIT Collegiate event all together.

Ken said...

I believe that would be "Old England" (or indeed, "Olde England"), eh, Jason?