Monday, April 29, 2019

Boylston Chess: Boylston Blitz at Harvard

BCF Blitz at Harvard - 04-28-2019

Hey fellow BCF Blitz players,

Delighted that so many of our BCF chess-playing community devotees, and a few newcomers, supported the first ever Blitz Tournament run in collaboration between BCF and Harvard Chess Club. Thanks in abundance to Latanya Sweeney, Ed Herbert, and Lara Adams for all their excellent work putting together this outstanding event. Despite the crowded conditions and the noise, this venue worked out great for the 46 players and the numerous onlookers who were clearly impressed to see the success of Harvard chess on display at the newly renovated Smith Center.

Congratulations to Jianchao Zhou who may rank as the highest rated player (2700) ever to participate in a tournament, and who proved to be a tower of strength with a perfect 12-0 score. In an Open Section with 21 players, that was a great achievement.



Jianchao Zhou

2nd (tied):
            Vadim Martirosov,
            Ridvan Sakir, Lawyer Times

                  1st (tied):
             Anand Nair, Lawrence Tu

           Jesse Gechtman

Can't wait for the next Harvard Blitz! This TD is a glutton for punishment.

Nicholas P. Sterling, Ph.D.
BCF, Local TD

Some photos by Nick
( many more at Boylston Blitz at Harvard )

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