Sunday, April 21, 2019

Boylston Chess: Legends of Chess Taimanov by Nick Sterling

banners:  Tony Cortizas, Jr.

by Nick Sterling

Fellow BCF players,

We were in competition this weekend with Foxwoods, Easter, Passover, spring vacation, and maybe even Anime. In this torturous field of all those activities outside BCF, we managed to draw in 15 players and kept them in their respective sections.

The winner in the tiny U1900 Section was Sritan Devineni with a 4-0 record. When he can get his Rating high enough, he'll be breaking into the Open Section on future weekends.



1st: Nathan Solon
2nd (tied): Eric Feng, Kevin Lu

1st: Sritan Devineni
2nd: Steven Feng, Roland Booker

I hope to see many of you at the Boylston Blitz at the Smith Center at Harvard on Sunday afternoon. We need outstandingly good weather.

See you over the board.

Nicholas P. Sterling, Ph.D.

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