Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Boylston Chess: Nick Sterling on the BCF Patriots' Day Open

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Fellow BCF Players,

BCF runs its own marathon on Patriots' Day weekend. Today we had 24 players join us and squeeze tightly and madly into three strained Sections. Happily all worked out well as the U1500 Section finished remarkably quickly and the U2000 finished with a tough shootout for 1st Place, landing ultimately in the lap of Ben Marlin.

On top Ridvan Sakir, our visitor from Turkey, and Joaquin Carlson faced a small but intense group and walked off with 1st Place (4-0 score) and 2nd Place (2.5 score).

New player Evan Sharp joined us for his first tournament, and though he lost all his games, he had fun all the way through with a smile on his face, Awesome spirit for a first-timer.

  • Open:
1st: Ridvan Sakir
2nd: Joaquin Carlson
  • U2000:
1st: Ben Marlin
  • U1500:
1st (tied): Steven Feng, Jacob Wu

Great job, everybody! We'll see the group over the board next Saturday at the Legends of Chess Taimanov.

Nicholas P.. Sterling, Ph.D.
BCF. Local TD

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