Monday, April 03, 2006

At the speed of light

They have some crazy scholastic tournament chess rules in England too:

The only real trick with this tournament is the "silent check" rule. So that games may be swift (you are expected to play up to 32 games in 2 hours in the first round), the "check" and "en garde" rules are muffled - if you uncover your king, the king gets taken; if I place you in check and you don't notice and don't block, again, the king gets taken. I've told others about this and they shriek that "that isn't how chess is played!", but that is how it goes at this tournament!

Let's see ... 32 games in 120 minutes is less than 4 minutes per game. So if you figure it takes a few seconds to find your next opponent and set-up between games, then they must be playing bullet chess. In that case, I suppose the king capture rules aren't all that unreasonable. On the other hand, why would they be running a bullet chess tournament for kids?

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