Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Blogosphere Potpourri

Here are a few happenings from around the chess sphere:

  • chess_underground has announced the inaugural issue of underground_review -- a free newsletter covering "the other side of chess." Sounds spooky.

  • Chess Improvement, the blog formerly known as GilaChess, is now the blog formerly known as Chess Improvement. This week's name is Chess Training (not to be confused with Jeff Ashton's Chess Training Blog). I hope he makes his mind up soon.

  • Need a fix of inane conversation, music and bad chess? After a long hiatus, the Ruy Lopez show is back with a new podcast.

  • en passant Schachblog shows off the newest in chess clock fashion.

  • As always there are plenty of new listings, especially if you speak Spanish or Portuguese.

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