Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Three from the BCC Weblog Inbox

  1. Don Q, of Man de la Maza fame, reports that he has completed his second quest. Now that he has established himself as the preeminent organizer of community blog-based questing, it will be interesting to see what adventure he takes up next.

  2. Chessdad64 is happy to announce that he finally figured out how to add links to his blog, The 64 Square Jungle. Since it only took him a bit over a year, folks like Quandoman shouldn't give up hope.

  3. Chessdad64 also pointed me in the direction of the North American Chess Association -- apparently the next iteration of FIDE Chess in Chicago. What this means for the FIDE Chess in Chicago blog (which hasn't been updated since March 14th) remains to be seen.

    Update (3:15pm): Asked and partially answered ... a new post on FIDE Chess in Chicago points you to the new North American Chess Association blog.

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