Saturday, April 08, 2006

Kissing Chess

Some people just love to play the game...

We headed out to Kelsey's & had some drinks at their little bar area & we ran into Chess, this guy I used to work with back in the day. Yeah, that's really his name. Chess. His parents must have liked the game or something. Anyways, Emily headed out early because she has to start work at 8am, like a SUCKER, so Chess & I decided to head back to my place to try & catch The Office since he also enjoys the show, then we could catch up on what we've been up to since we last talked. Half an hour before the show starts & Chess tells me he had had a crush on me when we worked together, & I quickly see where this is going & I know I have a limited amount of time before he tells me he still does, then I have to react & I don't know what I think of it all. I've never thought of him romantically. But in lieu of telling me he decides to show me. Yep, just leaned in for a kiss, & there I am still trying to figure out whether I like him or not. He's attractive & we got along quite well back in the day, but I don't know him now, but surprisingly I kiss him right back. He's a good kisser, what can I say?

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