Tuesday, October 14, 2008

BCF Annual Meeting

BCF Presidential Election October 21, 2008 @ 7pm

The BCF Annual meeting will have election of it's officers and Board of Directors.

After five years of leading the BCF as President Paul MacIntyre is stepping aside to let someone else be President. Paul has done a terrific job in managing things - especially in navigating the migration from Boston to Somerville where he was instrumental in making some very important and difficult decisions. We all thank Paul for the time he sacrificed and effort he put in as President.

Two people have expressed interest in running for President: Chris Chase and David Vigorito. Marc Esserman has expressed interest in running for Vice President. And others have a week to throw their hat into the ring. I expect candidates to present their ideas on how to improve the BCF next Tuesday. And maybe they can submit something to either Jason Rihel or Bob Oresick to be posted on the blog before 10/21?

Presently the club is running slightly in the red and consuming it's surplus cash. The current model of running the BCF has to be slightly adjusted so funds cover its operations. Also we have had a few conflicts with our landlord and need to work some things out in that area.

What ideas do you have that could improve the BCF?

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Mike Griffin 10/14/2008

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