Wednesday, October 29, 2008

USCL-- Boston Blitz vs. Queens

Last week, I looked too far into the future, and it left me too psychically scarred to continue with my seering.

However, in the 9th week rematch, the Blitz crushed a Philadelphia team. Two factors were involved-- Marc Esserman was playing on Board 3, and Ilya had the White pieces. Perhaps IM Costigan didn't realize that Marc plays a wicked Dutch, and Bengston couldn't whip on the Benko Gambit like in their first encounter. In fact, Ilya played another front to back convincing win with White.

While my brain is still damaged by the bleak, black future I have seen (seriously, everyone just quietly meditate on how great life used to be if you are still alive on June 10th, 2067.) I will look ahead a mere handful of hours to foretell of the Blitz-Queens showdown, Horoscope style.

Here are the lineups:

Boston has White on 1&3

Boston Blitz Queens Pioneers
GM Larry Christiansen: 2670 IM Dmitry Schneider: 2508
GM Eugene Perelshteyn: 2619 IM Eli Vovsha: 2532
SM Marc Esserman: 2307 IM Alex Lenderman: 2528
NM Ilya Krasik: 2144 Benjamin Katz: 2108
Avg Rating: 2435 Avg Rating: 2419

Board 1

Mercury is in the 5th house, and Venus is knocking on his door. If you are playing the White pieces today, watch out for dogs under your feet. They have bite. However, we all know what happens when Venus comes calling at your house. Peace ensues-- enjoy it.

Board 2

In the 7th Book of the Land of Colchicinia, the great battle between the House of Pearls and Lord Vovsha was foretold. Dark tidings were written of a wannabe GM raging against one already christened. The land was littered with bodies, until only one man stood, his armour covered with blood, his body covered with injuries. And that man was.... unfortunately, the 7th Book of the Land of Colchicinia had the last pages ripped out. Great, so I have to guess now. Seriously, what is so great about a collection of seersaying future books if pages are missing? Hmmm, Vovsha?

Board 3

This is the battle of the week-- the two players, Marc Esserman and Alex Lendermann have been beastial in the US Chess League this year. Neither has been defeated. Which is why the following horoscope, revealed to me in a psychic coma, is so annoying.

If you are sitting on the 3rd rung and have yet to suffer a defeat, WATCH OUT! Your opponent will be well prepared for you and your opening weapons. Stick to what you know, and you should be able to avoid the worst of the landmines to claim victory. Seeking the blacksmith Morra for your battle armour will be fruitless today. Sticking a knight on the d2 square is always visually appealing.

Board 4. I found this cryptic poem in the Ancient Book of Gaming. (Yes, the word "Ancient" is in the title.)

with Valium?

What could this mean? Here is the horoscope I've divined: Calmly, calmly go forward. The path to peace is always frought with danger, but in the end, peace wins out over the wicked.

My psyche is sputtering. Good luck Blitz.

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