Thursday, April 08, 2010

$10 Underwater Open AT THE CHESSCLUB! April 10

Hi Chessplayers,

We are announcing that our $10 Underwater Open will be held in the Boylston Chess Club space on Saturday!!!

In order to ensure the club is ready, I am putting out a call to all volunteers to come help clean up the club. I will be starting to put the club back into shape on Friday, April 9th, starting at 4PM and running until the club is ready to go for Saturday. A lot of work remains to be done, so please, even if you come by to dust off a shelf, any help will be needed and appreciated.

You can even stop by on Friday with your $10 entry fee for the Saturday tournament.

Again-- Friday April 9th at 4 PM, CHESS CLUB CLEANUP
Saturday, April 10th, $10 Underwater Open.

Thanks for your patience. Just a few more days and the club will be back to better than it was before!

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