Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Chess Redacted

"I always said that it would take a great flood to clean this place up." - Ed Foye

re·dact /r?'dækt/

1.to put into suitable literary form; revise; edit.

2.to draw up or frame (a statement, proclamation, etc.).


BCF landlord used the word redact in describing the act of removing the bottom foot and 1/2 of sheet rock on all the walls at this end of the basement. Then once everything dried blue board was used to replace the redacted sheet rock and then taped, skim coated, sanded, finished, then painted. Blue board has much greater water resistance properties and is often used in bathrooms.

All furniture and shelving had to be moved into the middle of the rooms, much of it stacked on it self. The sanding of the blue board caused everything to be covered with a fine white dust. On Friday April 9th Jason Rihel led a group of volunteers ( Paul MacIntyre, Tony Cortizas, Frank Wang, Tifiny Wang, Clara Wang, Andrew Wang, Max Chia-Hsin Lu , Max 's mom, Charles Riordan, Alex Cherniack, Natasha Christiansen, Mike Griffin- hope I didn’t miss anyone) that attacked once the painted walls were at least dry enough to go into action. We moved all "soft stuff" into the Go Club, all chairs were placed in the hallway. Then the floor was washed and the furniture wiped down.

What at 4pm was an incredible mess began to look encouraging two hours later. Everything now had to be moved back into place.

Charles Riordan was the strongest player in the club that day: physically stronger, as he was taking one side of the books shelves and Jason and I the other and moving them back into place. If the BCF resorts to arm wrestling in case of tie break Charles is at an advantage. Charles also seemed to be the guy that had to scurry out of the way as each book case was pressed against the wall. For this effort Charles was rewarded with many skid marks of paint on his clothes.

By the end of the night the club looked better than it ever had. The tireless Jason worked until about 9:30 pm and returned Saturday morning. The club was ready for chess. As mentioned before setbacks sometimes build a community stronger and it’s definitely the case here.

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