Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Marc takes his Smith-Morra show on the road....to the Garden State


IM Marc Esserman's lecture on the Smith-Morra Gambit on Thursday night, April 15th, was universally well received by about 20 in attendance. Those who came to watch included IM Justin Sarkar (who is a good friend of Esserman's despite their sharp contests in the Smith-Morra), FM Steve Stoyko, and Yaacov Norowitz. After the lecture, Esserman gave a thematic simultaneous exhibition, playing the Smith-Morra as White against eight players. As Yaacov pointed out, this was a tough exhibition since "he is starting a pawn down on all eight boards!" Based on my experience (losing in about 20 moves), he could have spotted us all an additional pawn and still won every game. Though the average ELO was over 1830 (with a master and two experts among the players), Esserman made relatively short work of it, going 8-0 in just over 90 minutes.

NM Mark Kernighan lasted the longest, but it was an 8-0 wipeout vs. 1830 average opposition.

Read about it and view photos at the Kenilworthian http://www.kenilworthchessclub.org/kenilworthian/2010/04/marc-esserman-lecture.html

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