Thursday, April 01, 2010


In a devastating one-two-three trifecta, the chess club has been completely demolished. This is a shocking turn of events. After two weeks of torrential rains and flooding, the club was in danger. When the sun came out on April 1st, we thought we had passed a major hurdle.

However, Jason Rihel, who has been leading the cleanup and safety of the club for several weeks, had very bad news to report on Wednesday afternoon.

"I went to the club to see if it was still dry after the recent 2nd round of waves, and instead I discovered that the entire club was destroyed. I was lucky to escape with my life," says Jason, through clenched teeth and stone cold stare. "Boy I wasted a lot of time trying to clean up the flood."

Although reports are still uncertain at this time, there are whispers that an epic battle was raged in the building that once held the Boylston Chess Club, among other organizations. Among the smouldering ruins are telltale signs of a truely legendary struggle that left the club cratered. What could cause such vast destruction is still unclear at this time.


We just found a severed arm whose DNA fingerprint matches with a name in the chess club's DNA membership database, local photographer, Tony Cortizas, Jr. That severed arm was still grasping a camera. On that camera were the following shocking images. Do they provide a clue to the last hours of the chess club? Only further investigation will tell.

Happy April Fool's Day everyone. The chess club is doing fine (dry since Sunday), and we hope to be back at full speed very soon. Keep posted for more updates.

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