Tuesday, November 15, 2011

17th annual BU Open 2011

Doc Kinne has his flags flying in the best tournament of his career...

Results and Prizes

Open Section
$300 1st and $100 2nd
Robert Perez 3.5 William Kelleher 3.5 Avraam Pismennyy 3.5

$100 Top under 2200 Charlie Fauman 3.0


$100 1st Ethan Dininno 4.0
$50 2nd Mike Bohigian 3.5 Garrett Kingman 3.5


$100 1st Thomas Brinkman 4.0
$50 2nd Barry Lai, Syed Al-Mamun
$50 Top U1200 Alon Trogan 3.0 Richard Kinne 3.0 Robert Sawdey 3.0
$50 top BU undegrad Gil Coarrubias Jr.

Top College Harvard

Top High School Cape Elizabeth (ME)

Top Middle School Sawdey brothers




Rihel said...

Wow, I had no idea that I had such a crowd watching me nearly implode in that game in Round 3. Good thing I didn't totally blow up my game.

Doc_Kinne said...

Thank you, Bob! It was, for many reasons, a hard day for me, but this made it all better. That's the first picture of me in action since I was a teenager. :-)

Timothy said...

Should the title be "17th annual BU Open 2011" (not 2001)?