Saturday, November 19, 2011

November Grand Prix is Coming on Saturday the 26th

The penultimate Grand Prix event is coming to the BCC the Saturday after Thanksgiving, so mark your calendar for the cheapest chess around. For only $7.00 for members and $10.00 for non-members, you get 4 rated games. Also, if you are in shouting distance of the great year end prizes, you better attend-- with only 2 Grand Prix events left in the year, 8 points is the max you can score.

The Leaderboard continues to churn with very close outcomes in all categories:

U2400-- Eric Godin, 13; Harold Dondis, 10.5, Avraam Pismennyy, 9.0; Chris Chase, 7.5
U2200-- Tian Rossi, 13; Harold Dondis, 10.5; Jason Rihel 9.5; Terrence Fricker, 9.5
U2000-- Mike Griffin, 11; Harold Dondis, 10.5, Jason Rihel 9.5; Terrence Fricker, 9.5
U1800-- Robert Holmgren, 20; Mark Neale, 19; David Martin, 16; Mike Griffin, 15
U1600-- Steven Stepak, 20; Mark Neale, 19; David Martin, 16
U1400-- Allen Wang,7; Brandon Wu, 5; Justin Wu, 5; Tony DiNosse, 4.5
U1200-- Arthur Tang, 7; Justin Wu, 5; Eddie Wang, 4

The biggest shakeup is in the U2000 section, where Mike Griffin has leapfrogged over the higher rated to take first place. Harold Dondis has also positioned himself in 2nd place in the U2400, U2200, and U2000 sections. In the U1800 section, Robert Holmgren's previously unstoppable 20 points is now challenged by Mark Neale's 19 points. And Steven Stepak hold first place in the U1600 section, also challenged by Mark. There are scenarios where Steven Stepak claims the U1800 prize and Mark Neale claims the U1600 one. In the U1400 and U1200 sections, Allen Wang and Arthur Tang hold the lead, but the Wu pair is making it a race in both sections.

Stay tuned-- the prizes will all be determined in the last two Grand Prixs of the year!!


Tony Cortizas, Jr. said...

And I see on the BCC & MACA sites that the 4th Greg Hager Memorial tournament is the next day, Sunday the 27th.

Rihel said...

Yes! Greg Hager Memorial the next day.