Sunday, November 06, 2011

Boylston Chess Club Upgrade!

Dear chess players,

Thanks to a generous donation from Boylston Chess Club member Dan Schmidt, the club has a new look and feel-- the entire playing area is now stocked with beautiful House of Staunton wooden chessmen.

No more random assortment of off-White rooks and pawns. Now you can make your tactical combinations with an extra sense of style.

We at the Boylston Chess Club are always looking for ways to improve the chessic experience in the greater Boston area. We hope these new pieces will enhance the quality of our membership.



Keith Ammann said...


RuralRob said...

Wow, you even have extra queens. That's luxury!

Time to send in the "Occupy Boylston" squad...

Doc_Kinne said...

While they look good in pictures, wait til you see them in real life! Come down to the club and give them a try!

Robert Oresick said...

Dan - Thanks so much. The sets really transform the playing experience and atmosphere of the club.