Friday, November 11, 2011

Chris Chase and Charles Riordan win the 2011 BCF Championship

Photo: Anthony Cortizas

NM Charles Riordan has now won the BCF Championship 4 times.

FM Chris Chase won the BCC Championship 8 times - more than any other player in the long history of the club.

Charles and Chris split the 1st ($300) and 2nd ($200) prizes and will play an Armageddon match for the sole free year-long entry.

IM Jonathan Yedidia took 3rd place and $100.

Congratulations to all!


dfan said...

Will the Armageddon match be open to the public? What is the structure of it?

Rihel said...

The Armageddon game is a blitz match, with White needing to win, Black needing only to draw. To determine colors, both players make a bid of how much time disadvantage they are willing to accept, and the winning bidder (the person willing to give up the most disadvantage) gets to choose colors.